Photographs of the area and creatures that live in and around 'Les Rivieres'
Please do not be too disappointed if you do not see some of the wild life, some creatures are quite shy of people.
View from the rear of 'Les Rivieres'. The lake is one that is fished.
The village of Montourtier
The local Chateau de Bourgon Open in July/August to the Public
On the beach at 'Etang de la Fonderie' Just over five minutes away by car, nice place for a picnic and children to play. Lifeguards on duty during high season. This lake is very popular with fishermen and ladies.
This fish was caught by a french lady, to heavy for her to land, took two men 20 minutes to bring ashore. The fish swam away unharmed to be caught another day.
Sunflowers of the Loire Valley.
Evron, Market Town (Thursdays) about 20 minutes away with an interesting Church
One of the painted buildings of Evron. s
The centre of Laval at Christmas 2007
Hard to spot, local Frogs
Out before dark, lives in the hedge in the Hamlet
Salamander, only seen in wet weather or by the pond.
The common lizard, mainly seen on walls facing the sun, very hard to catch.
As seen from our rear bedroom (2) in the summer of 2007. Female Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs gengleri
House Sparrow at the front of house
Buttercup & Girls Kevin

bellflower Hedgerow crane's-bill ragwort

Wild parsley Indian Balsam

Small White (Pieris rapae LINNAEUS, 1758) Butterfly on Great Willowherb (Epilobium hirsutum)


Meadow brown butterflies mating

Unknown 'red flower' help please

Small Copper (Lycaena Phlaes LINNAEUS, 1761) on a common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), with three other insects. (More Butterflies)


Field of Maize
Grass Snake, with more than it can swallow
Brown Owl on the back door step, late evening
New Born Charolaise Calves

May 2008

August 2008

After Tea visitors, views from rear garden.

Nest of four Swallows (Hirundo rustica) in our Barn, each year they return from South Africa for our B and B. Photo 19th June 2008

Young Ring NecK Dove, nesting above rear door, August 2008

Our French neighbours goose, one of three.

Excuse me, whilst I have a shake, what's my name?

Repairs to Barn, right hand end wall must be removed,leans outwards over 300mm, new end wall built inside, wall to left repaired.

Once the end wall is removed the roof will be re slated. August 2008


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